My Journey with a Purpose-A Poem

I started my journey in search of peace!
The true wealth that one really must go for!
The great wealth that help mankind really is,
Love, affection and friendship!
The sunshine around brings me pleasant moment!
The cool breeze around keeps me in high spirits!
There is goodness everywhere that one can realize!
There is abundant wealth that nature has bestowed!
How love is relevant to anyone's happiness?
How life becomes interesting in this material world?
If love is just a state of mind, as it was told,
Let's keep our mind in that state, isn't it?
This journey of mine made my day better!
It helped me to find a better place!
I wish, I could love to live a better life!
And that's the way I really want to be!


A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

To Walk and Walk Not!-A Poem

This evening sky behind the tree sounds endless!
Revealing the endless possibilities, we knew not
The lovely parade of the birds, makes the blue sky busy!
The world could never be confined to small, it shows!

On the green grass, I find this golden worm trailing!
Trailing at the weight of it's own big thinking!
Life may be too shorter, it doesn't matters,
It's marching forward, like a majestic soldier!

The sight of this fountain is spectacular
Pushing aside the very thought, it might get stopped!
This unstoppable thought goes on and on,
Our thought evolves, as our life goes on!

How lovely these young couples in the park!
Their tender smiles makes this world a haven!
Some are united by presence, and they are!
Some are united by heart, that's the way they are!

When the day is given farewell by the night,
And the stars occupying the sky, smiles for a while!
They knew, their smile will never last long!
As the night also will get farewell from the day soon!

It is just a cycle or evolution, as we all know!
To walk or to walk not, is the order of the world!
This must be all truth and universal by fact
We all walk, until we're asked to walk not!

                         A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Dawn of New Hope-A Poem

The dawn of this day reminds life's renewal
As every new day is the extension of new life
Fresh thoughts breed  fresh ideas for success
Life's eternal joy begins with this one single day

The warmth of the sunlight reassures new hope
And the cool breeze starts spreading the news of joy
The whisper of every bee, echoed in the ear
Conveyed the happiness to mankind, as we hear!

The rising of the sun carried its message of light
Nature is always concerned about the people, it shows
The flying birds are happier than the human, it proves
These tiny birds understands the truth, and why not we?

The tender flower in line with honey bees, wavered its joy
Their secret rendezvous, must have caused this pleasure!
The jumping squirrels stopped a little and rested a while
With all these grace in place, this morning sounds great

This nature understands the silence of the Creator
Who made this world possible, for all its happy inmates
The seed of good thought, often triggers good action
Nature inspires, let's begin this day with good deeds! 

                                                                                        A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Sweet Memory of 'Anaikatti' Training

Mr. Murugan Mr.CRV and myself I am with Mr.Palani, Mr.Murugan and Mr.Raghunathan I am with Mr.Palani, Mr.Raghunathan and Mr.Jayaraman The beauty of 'Anaikatti' Few months before I have attended a training organized by LIC's Development Officers. LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) is a giant organization in Indian Insurance industry. I have attended many trainings in city areas earlier, the specialty now is the venue as the training is being conducted in a place called 'Anaikatti' situated few kilometers from Coimbatore, one of the city in Tamilnadu. About 20 trainees from our group traveled to Coimbatore by train and after reaching there we traveled to Anaimudi by bus and reached the place in the evening. The place is situated in hillside and its a sort of forest area. we found an amazing training institute in that isolated place. The name of the institute is Karl Kubel Institute for Development Education founded by a German scholar. Though the institute seems to be isolated, it is a right place for learning in such a serene atmosphere. We lined up in front of the main gate of the said institute for security check up and registration. They gave us the rules and regulation during the stay and not you leave the institute compound with out getting prior permission from the competent authority. They told since it is a forest area, we need to be careful as there is a possibility of Elephant attack we if we are alone in that place. Those who organized the training made it memorable by way of arranging excellent trainers who not only taught Insurance, but many other interesting subjects like personality development and communication skill etc. The training was action packed with role play and various practical workshops and case studies which was unique in all respect. Amidst that forest area, there was a nice institute premises with convenient class rooms, auditorium, library, canteen and boarding room for the trainees which made our stay easy. The food supplied to the trainees sounded like home made, and the same was prepared under a very hygiene condition. If we look from the institute premises we get the nice hillside view and the view of beautiful plants and nicely maintained garden made the place haven, ultimately we all were very happy to stay over there. When the three days training was over, we all literally asked the organizers to arrange the future trainings in the same place with much longer duration next time. On behalf our team I wish to thank my Development Officer Mr.CRV and other organizers as well as the Institute authority for arranging such a lovely learning experience of a life time, which created a sweet memory that will be dear to us in all our life. 

An article by Ayubkhan.U

Xing Tom-The Adventure Unexpected

Xing Tom-Adventure Series

Xing Tom is almost close to that Chocolate vending machine. It looked gigantic and standing tall. In front of it he found himself like a dwarf. The very idea of chocolates made his mouth watered like an overflowing tap. His dad often used to say not to eat more chocolates. Though the advice seems to be well, he could hardly resist the temptation. Now he is much closer to a machine that could offer variety of chocolates and how he is expected to control his desire! He took one step towards the chocolate vending machine with the coin in his hand to insert; he was startled to find the machine started growing upward. Is it true, he couldn’t believe himself? Wearing a mask of courage in his face he advanced towards the machine and inserted the coin, and looked at the slot where he could get the chocolates. Nothing came, paused for a moment he just hit on the slot of the machine. Suddenly there was a thunder like sound and he was about to run. To his surprise, he found the machine started pouring the worlds best chocolates 10, 20, 30 ………………………‘My God the chocolates pouring like a mountain, and I don’t have even a bag to carry this’ Xing Tom shouted and woke up from his dream. Yes, it’s yet another dream and he is verily disappointed to understand that the same is not real.

‘Hi Tom’ his Dad whispered in his ear ‘don’t go anywhere, to-day we must visit Marina Beach, one of the best beaches in the world‘, he just told and vanished. Xing Tom got up from his bed lazily, though disappointed about his chocolate dream; he decided to get a chocolate Ice cream today by asking his Dad.

A white Scorpio was waiting for them. ‘It’s a nice vehicle’ Xing Tom told himself. The local man who is also a guide sat at the driver seat and fastened the seat belt. Xing Tom, his sister, dad and mum all got inside the vehicle Scorpio to find the nice interior and felt the good A/C inside. The vehicle at first started crawling in the traffic, when it reached the main road, the driver started speeding the Scorpio towards the Marina Beach.

At the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream parlor Xing Tom tasted his favorite and delicious ice cream, scoop after scoop, until he thought enough for him. His Dad though little tensed ‘cause it not only cost the money but the valuable time too as they must rush to the Marina Beach before it becomes dark. As Xing Tom finished tasting his ice cream, all got up and went out of the parlor.
It was quarter past five in the evening. The driver cum guide parked the Scorpio and they all came out of the vehicle with great relief. A long Beach with blue sea and lot of people over there as it was a Sunday evening. Many families, with their kids standing there watching, talking, bargaining and shouting near the temporary shops at the entrance of the Beach. Xing Tom and his sister Sara were delighted to see the Beach. They all started walking on the sand and soon found it was nice to walk at the beach where the air was good, away from city pollution as the sound of the waves amused them.

Xing Tom and Sara suddenly started shouting and rushing towards the shore of the beach to find the dancing waves. They both standing to make their feet wet by the smaller waves, while Peter and Roslyn were sitting on the sand nearby and watching the fun. They were so happy to understand that their kids are really enjoying the Chennai’s favorite landmark the Marina Beach. As Peter and Roslyn stood on their feet to feel the warmth of the waves, Xing Tom went to the sand area to build the castles. As the sand was wet, building a castle on the wet sand was a child’s play for him.

Xing Tom this time made up his mind just to enjoy his holiday fully and not to get into any sort of adventure as he really needed a break the way James Bond used to take a break after the adventurous tasks. One must always enjoy the life to the fullest, he thought. Few kids were playing with the kites and it was spectacular to see.

Xing Tom found a local man coming nearby along with his horse, which was smaller than the life size. It looked odd as the horse was with out saddle. The local guy, who was poor in look, was just holding the rope to prevent the horse from running. As a matter of fact the horse was much poorer than the horseman as such Xing Tom never had the inclination to ride on it. He brought the horse nearer to Xing Tom and asked him whether he could come for a ride. At a distance Xing Tom found a young girl, just older than his age was staring at him. The excited Xing Tom all of a sudden accepted the plea of the horseman to go for a ride. Wearing a pride on his face and with the help of the horse man Xing Tom some how managed to sit on the horseback. And the horse started moving slowly.

After ten feet from where they started, the horse suddenly stopped and refused to move further. The horseman, who was standing besides, did all his best, threatened, begged and pleaded but the horse was grim on its stance. The annoyed horseman just hit hard through his hand at the left side and suddenly horse moved fast. The man was running behind the horse while Xing Tom closed his eyes and clinched the neck of the horse so tight. Though tame by appearance, the horse started speeding up like a race horse, and Xing Tom didn’t know how to tackle this unexpected adventure at the beach.

Xing Tom lifted his head slightly and found the horse was riding amidst the heavy city traffic. Yes, they are in the main city and he wished it could be a dream and found it was not! The pictures of his dad mum and Sara came in front of his eyes like a theater slide.
Peter and Roslyn were explaining the local police man about the incident and asked him to check the whereabouts of his son Xing Tom. At a distance Sara was standing and looking at them casually, eating the ground nuts without showing any sign of worry on her face. The local police man was really confused and doesn’t know what next to do. How any one can ever arrest a horse for kidnapping a boy, he thought.

A Sergeant with white uniforms suddenly appeared in front of them. After the preliminary inquiry he increased the speed of his powerful motorbike to the maximum and vanished in the air.
Xing Tom almost saw the various places of Chennai, with the help of this horse which has declined to reduce its speed. Of course, he even saw the hotel where he was residing but of no use as the horse is very adamant on its stride. Suddenly there was a big sound of a Motorcycle and Xing Tom somehow managed to look behind. It was the Sergeant in white uniform hurriedly came closer to the horse and just held the rope of the horse with all his might in one hand and managed the motorbike on his other hand.

At last the horse only obeyed the Sergeant and finally Xing Tom breathed with great relief. It is really a terrible adventure, Xing tom thought. When this news was conveyed to Peter and Roslyn they too sighed with relief. We must always teach horse riding even to smaller kids, this thought of wisdom suddenly occurred in the mind of Peter.

Valedictory Speech at the LIC Financial Adviser/Wealth Manager Training

Dear Principal, course coordinator, and the faculty members of this training session. My dear co participants; before I begin my speech let me thank the Almighty God for this valuable opportunity to talk. Further I thank the mighty corporation LIC OF INDIA, for this unique learning opportunity bestowed up on us. This is the best training program ever we attended. There are three aspects I wish to talk about. 1. The vast coverage about the management tools 2. The competent presenters 3. The place and the ambience This training period extended for four days with fifteen various subjects, each covered with a time frame of one and half hours approximately. Some of the important topics covered are 1. Micro and macro economics (GDP), 2. Concept of Investment-Time Value of Money, compound Interest 3. Concept of Investment –Risk/Return/Liquidity 4. Investment Types Behaviors & yield-Life& Health 5. Product Comparison 6. Investment Types Behaviors &yield of other forms of Investments 7. Taxation 8. Soft Skills-Emotional Intelligence & overcoming obstacles 9. Building efficient Portfolio & Strategies 10. CRM module and claims 11. Understanding of Indian economy and Financial System 12. Sales attitude & Buying Behaviour-Selling to Special Customers. 13. Soft Skills-Communication Skills & Time Management 14. Social Networking-Technology for Better Productivity 15. Planning & Goal Setting It is really amazing as the Corporation, considering the complexity in selling which has arises due to change in various factors, has meticulously planned to give a total solution in the form of this practical business workshop imparting various hard skills and soft skills which we were lacking so long. For this I once again thank the system on behalf of you. While imparting techniques to us to counter the competition outside, the respected Faculty Members were competing each other, each with a different talent and approach to educate us, is highly commendable indeed. On behalf of you the co participants I salute them. These are the tools we got now to face the reality of business world outside. All these days, we were going to the market with out this. Can we go to a war field with out weapons? If we do so, will we survive by getting another chance? In Kamba Ramayana the epic in Tamil by poet Kambar, Ravana was given a chance by Rama at the battlefield. Rama said the unarmed Ravana, just go today and come tomorrow. The brave Ravana kept all his braveness at the battlefield and entered Lanka with much shame. In our business life, where cut throat competition is prevailing, we will never be given another opportunity by our valuable customers, the way Rama given the opportunity to Ravana, as described by poet Kambar. I once again thank the Principal and Faculty Members, for this precious opportunity given to me to express my true opinion on behalf of my co participants and on my own behalf. We assure the mighty Corporation a new business style with improved results by all the participants since you made the transformation possible from mere Advisor to Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers.