The Dawn of New Hope-A Poem

The dawn of this day reminds life's renewal
As every new day is the extension of new life
Fresh thoughts breed  fresh ideas for success
Life's eternal joy begins with this one single day

The warmth of the sunlight reassures new hope
And the cool breeze starts spreading the news of joy
The whisper of every bee, echoed in the ear
Conveyed the happiness to mankind, as we hear!

The rising of the sun carried its message of light
Nature is always concerned about the people, it shows
The flying birds are happier than the human, it proves
These tiny birds understands the truth, and why not we?

The tender flower in line with honey bees, wavered its joy
Their secret rendezvous, must have caused this pleasure!
The jumping squirrels stopped a little and rested a while
With all these grace in place, this morning sounds great

This nature understands the silence of the Creator
Who made this world possible, for all its happy inmates
The seed of good thought, often triggers good action
Nature inspires, let's begin this day with good deeds! 

                                                                                        A Poem by Ayubkhan.U