To Walk and Walk Not!-A Poem

This evening sky behind the tree sounds endless!
Revealing the endless possibilities, we knew not
The lovely parade of the birds, makes the blue sky busy!
The world could never be confined to small, it shows!

On the green grass, I find this golden worm trailing!
Trailing at the weight of it's own big thinking!
Life may be too shorter, it doesn't matters,
It's marching forward, like a majestic soldier!

The sight of this fountain is spectacular
Pushing aside the very thought, it might get stopped!
This unstoppable thought goes on and on,
Our thought evolves, as our life goes on!

How lovely these young couples in the park!
Their tender smiles makes this world a haven!
Some are united by presence, and they are!
Some are united by heart, that's the way they are!

When the day is given farewell by the night,
And the stars occupying the sky, smiles for a while!
They knew, their smile will never last long!
As the night also will get farewell from the day soon!

It is just a cycle or evolution, as we all know!
To walk or to walk not, is the order of the world!
This must be all truth and universal by fact
We all walk, until we're asked to walk not!

                         A Poem by Ayubkhan.U