Advertising-The Inseparable Element of Business World

1. An Introduction to Advertising

What is advertising?

Advertising in real sense is the way or strategy to popularize a product services or brand with a view to increase the sales as a whole. A company cannot survive without offering its services to the target group or customers in order to create the sales or to create the market as the case may be.

Why advertising?

The olden method of salesmanship has become hard these days due to the increased cost of manpower. Further to manage a huge sales team further involves supervisory cost which increases the overhead as a whole. Again the manpower without effective training in a waste and hence it also attracts training cost indeed.

As a matter of fact, advertising is never intended to replace the sales team completely. Rather it smoothen the selling function as a support system and helps build the harmony among the sales team. There was a period when selling need to be done by showing the product sample physically. Every sales person has to carry the product samples, irrespective of it weight and cover the vast distance to show  it to the clients, wherever they are.

This Himalayan task can be replaced by showing a simple brochure which has the pictures of the products and its description.

Why the customers need to buy from you?

When the availability of product is everywhere why the need arises to buy only from a particular company or supplier? What makes a customer to decide a particular product or company?

In general every customer needs quality product. Of course they also need a good price. A good price means either competitive or affordable, as the case may be. Apart from this, there is one important aspect is often expected by the clients. That is after sales service or public relation. Good relationship constitutes the lasting business from a client. It sometimes supersedes even the product or service defects when the relationship is sound and effective.

Which company needs advertisement?

Before 1990, there were companies boasting about customer loyalty tend to neglect the presence of advertisement as a whole. After the globalization when competition shifted from local to global, it has become inevitable to avoid advertisement completely.

When the competition is fierce, certain tactics required to popularize the product or services among the clients or buyers. The advertising techniques make this possible and practical otherwise the company will be out of race for sure. Irrespective of product or services, any company, whether small or big, needs to apply various advertising strategies to avert the tough competition in order to place their product in front of the customer who in turn will make the purchase decision.

There is more number of companies seeking the professional advice and advertising support with a view to place their products or services first. There are Consumer products, Electrical and Electronic products, Food and Beverages, Mechanical and construction companies, Insurance and Financial products, Garments and Fashion products and Kids segment like Toys, Chocolates etc. Every company has advertising budget depends up on its size and presence. It may be a company with all India network or a small super market confined to particular area or city. Publicity can be made according to its presence and its need.  

2. An Introduction to Print Media Advertisement

What are the types of advertisements?

Advertisement strategy is innumerable these days. Yet it is broadly classified into five categories. They are as detailed below.

Print Media, Visual Media, Outdoor Publicity, Exhibitions & Events and the online advertisements.

Let us see in detail about the Print Media Advertisement.

Print Media is the oldest yet a very powerful form of advertisement till now. In spite of the technological advancement in various other types of advertisement, Print Media ad continues to reign because of its simplicity and clarity in conveying the details of any product or services as a whole.

Print Media-Various Strategies


To express about the company a profile statement is often needed. Brochure carrying the company profile is of utmost important these days as people often wants to know about the company before signing any contract or before issuing any order. Further a brochure will also convey the product information, technical specification and service details etc which ultimately makes the brochure vital and important indeed.

A brochure can be a Director/CEO’s profile also. Generally brochures are used for multi purpose, like product/service catalogue, company profile or about a specific project etc.


A single sheet printed material consists of new product launch or opening of a new store or branch etc. is called as leaflets/pamphlets which is used either direct distribution or as news paper insertion these days.

This publicity method is both cost effective as well as could reach thousands of people over night.


Print advertisement in News Papers and Magazines.

Daily news papers have become part and parcel of our day to day life. Every one of us is keen on reading the hot news of the day.  Prominent papers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India and more such daily papers are reigning these days. Lots of advertisements are displayed in these papers since the readership is more for such news papers.

Various Types

Starting from classified ads to box type display ads and half page/full page ads, branding pages which will serve as a cover for the news paper are some of the kinds of publicity through news paper. As vast majority of the people are having the habit of news paper reading, this type of advertisements are popular among educated circles. 

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This Simple Pleasures-A Poem

This world has so much to treasure,

As it gives abundant pleasures!

Life has all the joys that we can’t measure.

It’s love that relieves all our pressures!

                          A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

My Long Search-A Poem

This endless sky sounds infinite!
As the blue sky witness the parade of silver clouds,
The birds are free to fly in the sky!
Experiencing the everlasting happiness in this eternal sky!

There is love everywhere!
True love is a treasure, isn't it my friend?
There is life everywhere!
The amount of trust makes life apparent!

This dark night is guided by twinkling stars!
And the cool breeze brings the heaven on earth!
Love bestows the eternal bliss!
It's the love that brings the ray of hope!

This long search makes life much longer!
Life goes on and on, in search of truth!
This clear sky makes our life meaningful!
This abundant sky reflects the love of mankind!

                                                           A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

Press Release-Lifestyle Galleria Inauguration

Lifestyle Galleria-A Brief Profile

Lifestyle Galleria is being inaugurated on 14th January 2013 with a view to cater to the lifestyle needs of those who wish to beautify their house since this showroom has more for them. The design studio of each brand has been formally opened by the respective CEO of the brand.  In this way a wholesale/sub-dealer network has come out with the exclusive retail showroom to make their presence in retail business also by addressing to the exquisite need of every customer

Lifestyle Galleria, an elegant showroom for all the home needs enormously built in 20,000 square feet area with the construction of ground plus two storey along with greater interior work and fully furnished style is the added attraction of this mega mall.  The floors will showcase the various superior brands of Bath fittings; Tiles etc. which makes customers’ choice easy to go for the best.

The History

Lifestyle Galleria belongs to a group company which was founded by Mr.B.Rickhab Chand by name Apex Asbestos early in the year 1978. The birth of Cauvery Enterprises in 1987 consolidated their position thereby identifying them as a Trading enterprise.  Mr.R.Uttam Chand, son of Mr.Rikhab Chand who played a vital role to bring out this yet another successful organization to make the group bigger and better. In 1997, young Pavan Kumar, who just completed his professional college then, joined the group and started building the organization to a greater strength.

The formation of Varsiddhi Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. took place in the year 2008. All housing products under one roof is the main idea of the managing team of the organization as such they worked meticulously every day to make their enterprise as customer oriented.

Superior Brands

Lifestyle Galleria has the best Bath fittings and Tiles to take care of the finest housing needs of its clients. At present it is showcasing the products of major brands like NITCO, HINDWARE, TOTO, JAQUAR, QUEO, EURO, BENELEVE, SUNHEART TILES and having plans to add more superior brands in the near future.

The Vision

It is the vision of Lifestyle Galleria to bring all the housing products in one roof show casing its features in a best possible manner. Further to bring in new products relevant to building industry to enable the best choice of the customer.

The Mission

To ornament every household of Chennai with our unique and superior branded housing materials is the mission of Lifestyle Galleria.

Future Products

The future products of the Group in line are Steel/Cement/Interior Materials, which makes the work of every customer easy to construct their dream house without much struggle by saving their time considerably.

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