truth, the way of life

I often used to wonder whether any one could ever be systematic and straight forward all his/her life. The fact is, it sounds hard to be truthful as many are not serious about the same. At the same time, many desires to be truthful but finds it hard to follow. To counter this, certain points are given below which might be useful if followed.

1.Clear thinking breeds better action, so think twice before you do any act.

2.Be honest and truthful to yourself. When you commit to anyone see that you honor it, otherwise don't commit.

3.Use your time meticulously since your time is more valuable and precious than anything else in this world.

4.Don't forget to thank those who helped you in difficulty and always remember them so that you could help others who are in the same situation.

5.To be happy you need not have to spend more in terms of money, one cannot buy pleasures. One can always derive happiness from simple pleasures.

6.Never do any thing because others watching you, do if you are convinced and confident about the same.

7.This world is for all of us, so show no disparity to anyone and love all.

8.We choose to work to earn a living, do we really live? Let us realize that better living is of utmost important to all of us, let us not to take life so serious, after all this is our world, let us make this a better world for living.