Valedictory Speech at the LIC Financial Adviser/Wealth Manager Training

Dear Principal, course coordinator, and the faculty members of this training session. My dear co participants; before I begin my speech let me thank the Almighty God for this valuable opportunity to talk. Further I thank the mighty corporation LIC OF INDIA, for this unique learning opportunity bestowed up on us. This is the best training program ever we attended. There are three aspects I wish to talk about. 1. The vast coverage about the management tools 2. The competent presenters 3. The place and the ambience This training period extended for four days with fifteen various subjects, each covered with a time frame of one and half hours approximately. Some of the important topics covered are 1. Micro and macro economics (GDP), 2. Concept of Investment-Time Value of Money, compound Interest 3. Concept of Investment –Risk/Return/Liquidity 4. Investment Types Behaviors & yield-Life& Health 5. Product Comparison 6. Investment Types Behaviors &yield of other forms of Investments 7. Taxation 8. Soft Skills-Emotional Intelligence & overcoming obstacles 9. Building efficient Portfolio & Strategies 10. CRM module and claims 11. Understanding of Indian economy and Financial System 12. Sales attitude & Buying Behaviour-Selling to Special Customers. 13. Soft Skills-Communication Skills & Time Management 14. Social Networking-Technology for Better Productivity 15. Planning & Goal Setting It is really amazing as the Corporation, considering the complexity in selling which has arises due to change in various factors, has meticulously planned to give a total solution in the form of this practical business workshop imparting various hard skills and soft skills which we were lacking so long. For this I once again thank the system on behalf of you. While imparting techniques to us to counter the competition outside, the respected Faculty Members were competing each other, each with a different talent and approach to educate us, is highly commendable indeed. On behalf of you the co participants I salute them. These are the tools we got now to face the reality of business world outside. All these days, we were going to the market with out this. Can we go to a war field with out weapons? If we do so, will we survive by getting another chance? In Kamba Ramayana the epic in Tamil by poet Kambar, Ravana was given a chance by Rama at the battlefield. Rama said the unarmed Ravana, just go today and come tomorrow. The brave Ravana kept all his braveness at the battlefield and entered Lanka with much shame. In our business life, where cut throat competition is prevailing, we will never be given another opportunity by our valuable customers, the way Rama given the opportunity to Ravana, as described by poet Kambar. I once again thank the Principal and Faculty Members, for this precious opportunity given to me to express my true opinion on behalf of my co participants and on my own behalf. We assure the mighty Corporation a new business style with improved results by all the participants since you made the transformation possible from mere Advisor to Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers.